Taking care of body pain and movement dysfunction
Taking care of body pain and movement dysfunction

Be Activated – Muscle Activation

Be Strong • Be Activated • Be Fit


You should be exploding. Movement in the human body happens from the inside out – starting with the core. But as stress and tension accumulate over time, key muscles can “switch off” and stop doing their work. Your body will compensate, using stronger muscles to do the work of weak or non-functioning ones.

The result is loss of balance, imperfect movement and over-taxed muscles that can lead to injury. And because the nervous system is affected too, under-performing athletes show reduced reflexes and poor mental focus.

You can power through it or you can have these compensations corrected with Muscle Activation techniques.

Results are immediate and measurable, taking the body back to the correct functional movement patterns and away from the compensations that reduce the ability of the body to work at its optimum effectiveness and which increase the risk of injury.

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